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I have complied a small list of what I believe to be the best of the bunch for viewing free Live TV on the Internet. The list is small because many of the “Free live TV” sites have too many pop ups, redirects and other annoying things that they are not worth the time it takes to view a channel if the channel even streams at all.

Websites To Watch Live TV Channels Online offers a decent selection of channels (83 to be exact) that are quick loading, good quality streams. Categories include Entertainment, News, Sports and Kids and has a TV Guide. This site will work on any operating system that has a web browser. is another web based service that offers just over 80 channels and does have a program guide based on the channel you are viewing. Whatever channel you are viewing there will be a programming guide below it. The channels are not broken down into categories and there is no search option so you will have to scroll through the channels to find the channel you are looking for. But it’s still another option to view live TV. Categories include U.S. News, Entertainment, Kids and Sports. The channels load quickly and are good quality. There is also a program guide. It’s has a very straight forward and easy to use interface to navigate channels. is a popular free TV service with over 100 HD TV Channels, including categories for Entertainment, Movies, News, Sports, Comedy, Kids, Music and more. It, in addition, has an EPG TV Guide. It’s basically like having cable TV. Along with Live TV it also has an On-Demand Section where you can watch Movies and TV Shows. Pluto TV is one of the best services offering Live TV, On-Demand Movies, and On-Demand TV Shows for free. Pluto has a dedicated App for devices like Android, Amazon FireStick, Roku, iOS and Apple TV. is a free live TV and On-Demand streaming service with over 160 channels and is very similar to It also provides an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) like Pluto.TV. It has a catalog of free On-Demand Movies and TV Shows and is completely free. Xumo also has an app for Android, iOS, Roku devices and on a variety of Smart TVs.

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